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2015 Budget No Increase in Fees
January 13, 2015
New Community Manager
July 21, 2014

Jorie Martin has joined the Coventry Group team and is Carlisle Estate’s new community manager. Jorie has over 20 years of community management experience and holds a certification as a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM), the highest designation in our field. She will be a great asset to your community!

Jorie will be visiting your neighborhood frequently. Be sure to stop and introduce yourself. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding your association, please contact Jorie at 540-535-0816

Raise in Dues for 2014 Fiscal Year
June 19, 2013

At the recent annual meeting, the HOA voted to raise the dues to $400.00 per year in 2014. This decision was thoughtfully made after a review of the HOA’s budget. Coventry Group offers payment plans for those who would prefer to make payments over an extended period of time. Feel free to call Coventry’s office at 540-535-0816 to discuss your options.

HOA Annual Meeting
May 8, 2013

Please come to your HOA’s annual meeting on June 9th at 115 Woody’s Place, the home of Kim Dooley. You will have a chance to meet with Mark, your community manager and discuss issues in your community. Members in good standing (those who have paid their dues in full up to December 31, 2012) will be able to elect new officers and consider raising the dues to meet your community’s needs. We look forward to seeing you there!

Welcome to your new website!
May 8, 2013

Coventry Group welcomes Carlisle Estates Homeowners to their new website! You will be able to use this website to access the latest information about your HOA and all governing documents as well as pay your dues. Contact information for your Community Manager is on the sidebar. The website will be completed by mid-June. We look forward to working with you!